Marc Jacobs

At 17 years old, back in 1980, I had the the privilege and honor to be introduced to Kansai Yamamoto.

At this time, I was a fashion student at the Parsons School of Design in New York City. I was a huge fan of Kansai’s extraordinary creativity.

I was very different from my fellow students in that I was extremely outgoing and so full of ambitious enthusiasm, passion and unbridled energy. I was curious and hungry to learn all about fashion and wanted that education to come in part from my heroes.

Thru the jewelry designer, Robert Lee Morris, who my roommate worked for, I had my first opportunity to see a Kansai fashion show and eventually meet Kansai himself.

As I remember it, Kansai was so impressed by my youthful energy and creative spirit, that he offered me a dream opportunity- to envision and arrange a “Happening/after-party” in celebration of The Kansai Restaurant” an imaginary place that was to be the theme of his next collection.

How lucky could I get??!! Indeed luck was when “opportunity met preparation”. I was more than ready to fully engage and realize a complete creative experience for all of the senses down to the very last detail.

I rose to the occasion and learned many very valuable lessons. I was given the chance share an experience that would eventually inform the way I thought about putting on my own shows in the years to come.

To this day I am filled with gratitude to Kansai for seeing in me a special spark, and, giving me the wings I needed to fly.

Now more than ever creativity and self expression is essential. It is up to a new generation of young creatives to lead the way and reimagine our ever changing landscape. Be bold and believe in yourself. Find your voice and never give up. Art and design is essential. We simply must continue to create.

Joey Arias (Strange Party), Sayoko, and me at The Kansai Restaurant themed party. Photo: Roxanne Lowitt.
I believe it was 1980 (or 1981)?


ルームメイトが働いていたジュエリーデザイナーのロバート・リー・モリスを通じて、寛斎さんのショウを観る機会をいただき、最終的にご本人に直接、お会いすることができたわけです。若き日の私のエネルギーとデザインへの情熱に、寛斎さんがとても共感してくれたことを覚えています。そして寛斎さんは、次のコレクションのテーマとなる想像の場所 “The Kansai Restaurant”を祝した“Happening/after-party”の企画と準備という夢のようなチャンスを与えてくださいました。


The Kansai Restaurant themed partyにてJoey Ariasと山口小夜子さんと。
Photo: Roxanne Lowitt